Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Plants in the Shower!

After watching Hoover Boo at Piece of Eden finish her "non-garden project" I realized i had never shared one of the more exciting indoor gardening projects I finished last year. After a leaking pipe in the wall necessitated a major master bathroom remodel (as well as other things, the joy of remodeling...), our master bath suddenly had way more light. And you know what that means - more plants! Especially plants i can't grow outside here, because they need lots of water/humidity/have large leaves, etc etc.

This is now the view across from the actual shower:

The shower colors are mostly white and blue-ish, so that's what made the pot colors work. Some of these plants were already living in the house, just not in places that made them very happy.

that fig grew 4 new leaves in about a month after it got moved in here

Initially, all the pots had saucers, but that actually let to too much water (not a problem i'm very familiar with!) so now all the pots drain. The nice part of them being in the large shower enclosure is that watering and draining becomes very easy.
including for little ones like this
My houseplants usually never look this happy!
after some complains about getting dirt everywhere, i did learn to put some rock mulch on top
Even outside of the shower enclosure, there's now enough light for more plants!
by the sink!
and even a yucca!
This remodel took a while, but in the end, it's all worth it for this gardener... more plants! Oh, and no more leaking pipes in the wall, that was good too :)

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Grand Park in DTLA

Sometimes, social media, or photo services, can remind you of the most random things. In this case, Google Photos made this picture pop up in my phone:

that's LA city hall
It reminded me that last year, right after the Austin Fling, i spent a weekend in Downtown LA. And even though i had just had a great weekend of visiting gardens in Austin, i couldn't get enough. I've written about my visit to a community garden, and to the Blue Ribbon garden, but Grand Park (The Park for Everyone) also had some great plants and views to share. These pictures are from May 2018!
the park seems really well maintained, with lots of interesting plants

these were cool!

many of the plants were massed to great effect
And i think they did a great job with the colors, and really creating an impact in such a public space
the flowers and the sign!
Because this is LA, and i guess the area is in a warm microclimate, being in the middle of the city, there were some very cool plants
like this one

a whole bunch of them!

the city building is visible from most of the park

and there were aloes! (maybe with aloe mites)
there were areas for people to gather

and some cool variegated plants also
A great use of this sometimes unruly vine - i only wish my bougainvillea looked this good!

this was a great combination of plants

more aloe booms!

these were in the shade
I was in the park on a random Saturday in May, and it seemed so well maintained - neat mulch, happy looking plants, nothing pruned into weird shapes...
not a lot of cramscaping though
At the top end of the park (opposite from City Hall) are some large fountains:
the water wasn't very deep, but it was nice to see

pretty cool for a public park. 
This cool flowering tree was at the top. There weren't any (many?) signs identifying the plants used, which was maybe the only downside?
but maybe only for gardeners!
This was a great garden to look back on! And now i'm thinking that maybe i'm over due for a DTLA staycation again!
i'll have to visit again!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Warning! These pictures are a) not great and b) not nearly as good as being there in person. But still!

I had planned a longer post on this event called NIGHTBLOOM at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, but my pictures weren't very good. Last week, i showed some vignettes during the day, and here is what it looked like all lit up at night...

the entrance
inflatable structures to sit under

the stained glass looked awesome!
the pond area lit with various shades of green

maybe this video shows the effects better? There was also sound...
the new bridge area

in the other room, the light was much warmer/red toned
dramatic uplighting on a tree fern
the west gallery
This whole event was amazing, and super gorgeous. I'm so glad we made the special trip up to see it. Now, perhaps the Huntington or other LA area gardens could be convinced to do something similar?

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Also, Also the Desert in December? - 3 / 3

And here is the last day trip in the desert in december. It also includes a lake, but i'll try to not end on quite as much of a depressing note as last time...

Now, the lake in question is Jackson Lake. And if you look that up, you might notice that this isn't truly in the desert, but rather in the mountains that surround it, specifically the San Gabriel Mountain range. But it's only about an 45-60 minute drive from the desert. On this day in December, it was about 30 degrees F.

and there was snow!
And water in the lake!
which was mostly frozen
The trees in the area aren't the large live oak that live in the lower parts
also, the sky was a lot more overcast
Several stumps had been left to rot, and positioned so you could look at what was happening inside
large tree!
Most of this is normal winter. However, this area has been hit in the drought as well, and with fires nearby. This lake hasn't burned though.
hiking trails

green trees!

pretty views, even if it was cold!

a little bit of that clear blue sky
It was fun to see all the variety of environments near home, and how different they all are. There are several more places on my list to visit soon, assuming the garden doesn't distract me!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Warning - there is no rhyme or reason to these pictures. But they are from one of my favorite places ever: the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. I must have posted about this place before, but i can never get enough. These pictures were from my last visit - just a few that caught my eye.

they have been playing with all these plants, and adding more
this pond needs heart eyes
i could live in this corner

carnivorous plants!

the giants in the entry way (that one in the middle is over 100 years old!)

so many different colored leaves!

including ones that look almost painted

visual overstimulation, yet so relaxing

even their weeds look amazing

i could live here too!
shiny leaves!

plants that will eat you!
things that grow on the wall...
In mid december 2017, i attended NIGHTBLOOM, which was a completely different look at all of this. I think I'll find some pictures of that for next week!