Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekend Gardening - Hot!

This weekend was the start of our next crazy heatwave. It was 101 deg F today, and supposed to get up to 110 deg F tomorrow. So here are some pictures of my garden... we'll see what it looks like next weekend!
One of my favorite foliage combos has flowers all of a sudden.
After years of no Aloe blooms, this is the second soap Aloe to bloom this year!
California Fuchia should be ok with the heat - little silver leaves and all
 I visited the Arlington Gardens for the first time this weekend, thanks to a blog post by another SoCal blogger. Even though it was hot (only 96 deg F) and I'm sure the garden wasn't at it's best, there was a lot of inspiration to be found!

I love this combo of wild flowers to give a meadow like effect... I want something like this!
 I may post more pictures later, although most of them didn't come out very well due to the harsh light.

Before visiting the Arlington Gardens, i stopped by the Huntington. It was hot there too (there's a trend...) which meant that the gardens themselves were quiet. As long as I stayed in the shade it was nice. I also found a few more orchids as inspiration for mine:
This fuzzy bloom stalk was cute!
this flower had fuzzy parts too! I see why people get so into orchids now..
Hiding in the same at the Chinese Garden with a great view
and hiding under the trees near the Lily pond
 It was a great weekend, filled with plants, even if it was hot. I hope everyone has a way to stay cool this week!


  1. I'm glad you found some shady spots, Renee. I hunkered down inside most of these past 2 days doing household chores - not fun! We topped 100F today too and the garden was looking the worse for it when I walked it in late afternoon (despite a thorough watering on Saturday). I dread tomorrow's heat...

  2. So it was hot then? (I kid...) I hope this isn't the beginning of a trend for you guys this summer.

  3. The Arlington is looking good! I think I'll wait til it gets below 90 to visit tho...

  4. You braved the outdoors in this heat--wow! Stay's going to be a long summer. Great photos despite the weather. What are the plants in the 1st photo? I see a Yucca and Grevillea, but what are the others?

  5. Wow, 110 F – I have never experience that before, that’s around 43 degrees C! I feel sorry for you guys having such a heat wave, sorry for your gardens too – hope it won’t last for too long and when you are finished with the hot weather, please blow it over the Atlantic Ocean towards us as we sure could use some nice warm weather over here in England!
    Loved those orchids by the way, I have a nice little collection indoors, nothing as exotic as on your photos though :-)


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