Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weekend Pictures & Favorites - 2/26/2017

I haven't had much time in the garden this weekend, but progress continues! The bed that was a mess is much cleaner now. This does make the smoke bush look even sadder than before... i really should give up on him, i think.

The sage bushes probably need replacing too
The left most hill side has been cleaned up, and i've rearranged the yucca here to fill an empty spot and save it from being engulfed. There are so many poppy seedling here this year!
The rest of hillside is probably next weekend's project...
I wanted to share some of my favorite plants - like Loree at Danger Garden, i picked Five for February. Her post and comments show many more favorites, and here are mine:
the senna artemisioides is starting to bloom - and taller than the wall this year!
every year that this stone cactus blooms i'm impressed that it isn't dead. 3 blooms this year!
The fruit trees on the hill side (this is nectarine) are almost ready to bloom
this combination of green, silver and purple on the hill side makes me happy.
This tube has to be cleaned up some, but i love this combo of plants. 
I'll add cleaning up that last tube to the list of things to do, although i'm always so worried that i'll kill the plants by moving them. But some extra soil and new mulch should help them this summer, and i should do it now, before it gets hot again.

All these projects should be enough to keep me busy, but now i've been wondering whether i've made enough progress yet to get to buy more plants... I have to remember we can still get frost for another month or 2! Maybe buying mulch and continuing clean up will help keep me from buying new plants (probably not!).


  1. Once it's clear we're going to get an extended break on rain, I'm going to haul in a truckload of mulch myself and get to work. However, chores like that generally don't stop me from buying plants - in fact, I just put in 8 new plants received by mail order this past Friday (not that I'm encouraging you to go down that merry path with me or anything!).

    1. It seems that the desert is done getting rain for now, so i've made more progress on mulching! And I've bought new plants - at least i waited until March! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Love all your favorites and appreciate the link to the pipe company in the previous post. Your yucca's on the hillside are so bushy and happy! One question. What is the tall spiky plant on the left in your first photo? I like it!

    1. that is Hesperaloe funifera, or Giant Hesperaloe. I randomly found it at a big box store, after seeing some in Arizona. It makes gigantic flower stalks, although mine hasn't bloomed yet. Thanks for visiting!


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