Sunday, November 18, 2018

Hanging Hoyas

One thing i've done every spring/summer for a while now is put my Hoya kerrii outside. In the summer of 2018, hoya carnosa 'Rubra' was also big enough to join it. These two hung out just by the front door all summer:

rubra on the left, kerrii on the right
This spot is basically in full shade all day - it gets about 2 hours of morning sun. Through experimenting with kerrii, anything more than that will induce leaf burn. It's also a very sheltered spot from the wind, since it's almost enclosed from 3 sides - 2 by the house, and the 3rd by that large pillar covered with rocks. That means the wind can't/won't (hasn't?) damaged these yet.
from the other side
 While hoya kerrii will bloom indoor for me, putting it outside usually causes it to bloom all summer. The flowers look strange... both when they are in bud and actually blooming.

Hoya kerrii bloom hanging out above the hoya carnosa
 The other nice thing about them being outside is that the nectar doesn't drip all over the place inside.

Hoya carnosa rubra aka Pink Princess bloomed too, but less. 
This year, the hoyas stayed outside until right before Halloween. Now they are sitting on one of the ledges near the stairs inside. They grow so much when they're outside that they sprawl all over the place...
Sitting on the ledge, sprawling like octopus...
Starting around early April they'll go back out. I'm sure they can't wait!


  1. They're great plants. I have 2, both of which I formerly kept in the house but which now occupy my lath house outside. I hope both will grow - and bloom - as well as yours.

    1. I'm sure they will love the lath house! I hope they bloom for you soon!

  2. Do hummers go for the nectar? They are cool plants and you are giving them good care. The sprawl indoors for the winter looks great! The ledge is a perfect spot.

    1. I've planted mine - I wonder if the sunbirds will find the flowers??

    2. The hummers don't seem to like the flowers - the nectar just drips off them. I haven't see any birds on the plants, now that i think about it...other than a morning dove nest once!


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