Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plant Rescue

I have an (unhealthy?) desire to rescue plants. Usually from big box stores, but sometimes from abandoned houses, or neighbors who try to throw them away. The latest "rescue" is a Cordyline fruticosa, or Ti Plant. As usual, found on the 50% off rack for less than 5 bucks:

I need to remember to take pictures for the "before" and "during" also, and not just the "after". This one was drowning in its pot - root rot had already killed the other stem that was in there (although I'm trying to see if that one will grow back!). So I unpotted it, sprinkled it with some cinnamon, and repotted it in some well-draining potting soil (and a smaller container). This kind of cordyline isn't hardy here, so for now its inside. If it does well, I might put it outside for the summer. Strangely enough, the tag it came with shows a plant with purple leaves - this one is definitely green. Maybe with some more light (and less water!), it will turn purple?

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