Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekly Front Garden - 05/05/2012

A look at the garden this week:

I took this picture later in the day, and you can see how the shade now covers the whole planting bed. The front garden gets full morning sun, but even before noon, the area near the stone column is in the shade. More of the red ice plant is showing up while the purple fades away.

This week, the roses also decided to bloom! They are Rosa 'Blaze', from the Star Roses series. They're climbers, even though they have nothing to climb on. There are three bushes along that (north) side of the house. I've added a trellis to two of them. Some day, I'd like to add a trellis they can all climb, or replace them with bush roses. But they certainly look very pretty with very little work from me. They are one of the few remaining elements that were in the front garden when I bought the house.

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