Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Front Garden 07/05/2012

This is what the light in my garden looks like at 6am in the morning:

I went on a trip this weekend, so I took the picture a day early, and very early in the morning! The sun light looks so different. Nothing too exciting changed in the garden from last week, and I still really want to pull out that two-horned clump of mexican feather grass. There's also some of the bleu fescues that need to be dug up and divided... I think bed will look better on the right side of the mexican feather grass if the blue fescue were actually blue again. All the "extras" will go into the back garden, of course!

One of the things I did notice before leaving is that my Tricyrtia formosana 'Amethystina' is forming buds!
Blue buds are forming! It gets part-shade for most of the day (except at 6am!)
I just got this plant this year (as a birthday present.) and I really wasn't expecting much from it this year. But maybe it will bloom in time for July Bloom Day!

I'm caught up to "present time" now, so I'll only do these posts once a week (on Wednesdays). Hopefully that will make for more varied posts, and more pictures of the back garden, which is starting to fill out some...

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