Saturday, April 1, 2017

Spring Inspiration - Huntington in March

Just some pictures from the Huntington a few weekends ago... I haven't been home enough to make a ton of spring progress in my own garden, but my projects continue to slowly get checked off.

These are totally random, just things I found pretty or inspirational as I continue spring clean up:

Swoon... I sense a dangerous plant crush developing!
A gorgeous combination of texture and color!

The Jade vine was blooming!
 That color blows mind... If it wasn't for the fact it would take over my house before it bloomed, I would try it as a house plant.
Spring in the tea garden

Swoon some more...
 I want some of those flowers, even though they won't want the desert!
I love this view 
 I'm pretty sure no amount of spring cleanup will make my garden look like that, but at least I can have the next flowers:
So pretty and delicate!
 This one might appear in my garden one day too... The jury is still out on whether my plant survived the winter:
Big poofy red flowers
I can't​ wait to get back out there!


  1. I "need" to get to the Huntington too - before it gets too hot hot that way. I loved all the shots of the Grevilleas and the Leucospermum. The jury's still out on whether the latter will survive and bloom for me here but there are 2 growing well in the neighborhood so I have hope! Happy spring!

    1. Don't tell anyone, but i love visiting the Huntington when it's hot -there's no one else there, and the Jungle garden is a great shady place to hang out. I hope the Leucospermum works out for you. I want to try one, but i doubt they like the desert. Thanks for visiting!

  2. You got some beautiful photos. That last one is great!

    Where is the jade vine? I've never seen it there.

    1. It's in the conservatory! Right as you walk in the main doors, on the railing on the overlook to the pond/plantings down below. It's seems like its been a few years since it bloomed? Maybe that's why you haven't seen it... most of the time, it just looks like green leaves.


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