Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Agave 'kissho kan'

This picture (from a few weeks ago) is one of my saddest losses due to last winter - my Agave 'kissho kan'. Here's what it looked like when planted:
Happier times
 Thankfully, when I bought it, it came with several pups - which I planted separately in the ground. With a little bit of frost protecting in the form of a thick sheet, two out of the three in-ground plants survived:
They are even bigger now. but not much
The third didn't get covered, and looked like it was dead.. but wait!
I don't think I've seen an Agave do this before?
So lesson learned - this one needs covering in our winters. And with covering, it seems to do fine. Now I just have to remember this come winter...


  1. How cold does it get out your way in the winter, Renee? I'm glad some of your pups came through it.

  2. Last photo: the terminal bud was killed, but the axial buds will produce new rosettes. :)


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