Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bloom day: Yucca pallida

Yucca pallida - about 3 years in the ground
 This is perhaps a bit of "cheater" bloom day post - instead of showing you all the blooms in my garden, I'm focusing on just one. My Yucca pallida is blooming!

I planted this plant when the back garden was just redone, so about three years ago. This is the first time that it's boomed. The bloom stalk is bigger than the plant!

The foliage is really pretty too!
This yucca stays pretty small (20 inches in diameter) which I should have realized when I planted it! I think I'll move it next fall or spring to be closer to the front of the bed that it's in. It's hardy in zones 6a to 10, and seems to have very little problem with our heat.

If you visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens you can see everyone else's bloom day posts, with way more flowers than mine!


  1. First blooms (like first loves) deserve special attention. Happy GBBD, Renee!

    1. Thank you! I was just lusting after some of your pictures... Happy GBBD,and thanks for visiting!

  2. Not a cheater at all, I'd planned to just focus on one or two blooms but failed. Love that yucca!

  3. My friends had Y. pallida scattered in the front yard at their former Phoenix house, and all sailed through their uber-heat - i.e. 110-115 highs / 85-90 lows for 3-4 months. I like your bloom...they can bloom tall, but maybe with age? I enjoy that plant so much I design them in groups like a groundcover...shade or sun.

  4. Yucca pallida is a good plant to focus on. I love it for its foliage and its blooms. Glad to see yours as ours has bloomed for the year. Sniff.

  5. It's a great idea to just focus on one bloom! I should try that.


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