Friday, February 15, 2013

February Bloom Day

My Internet is working again - in time to post for February Bloom day! To see what's blooming in gardens around the world, check out all the posts at May Dreams Gardens with Carol. She pointed out that this is the start of the 7th year for GBBD!

On this bright day in February, I only have 2 plants blooming outside, my Senna artemisioides and Camilla Japonica:
Quite a few of the flower stalks were damaged by the cold nights in January

But these ones were ok - and are making cool shadows on the walls

The bright red blooms add a pop of color near the front door.

Although it hasn't had as many open flowers at a time like last year.
Indoors, my Aeschynanthus radicans, or lipstick plant, which is a funny name, decided to make some blooms. I have not yet figured out what causes this plant to do that, other than randomly:
These flowers almost look fuzzy
Back outside, I had to include a picture of the bloomed out flower on my stone cactus... Even in our very cold winter, which went down to 19 degrees F (?!) this little guy made another flower - orange this year. I don't get this plant either, but it always makes me smile.
maybe because it gets hidden under the feather grass? Or its just really well situated?
Now, to get back to my four-day-a-week posting schedule!


  1. Camellias? Sigh, every February I go through this. Camellia envy. Just can't grow them in upstate NY. Oh well. I get my fix through GBBD!

    1. Thanks for the visit! I always like finding new garden blogs to explore!

  2. Not bad on that cassia - but especially that *you* can grow camellia. I now must try one in a pot...maybe at the next place, if it isn't in another canyon wind gap.

    1. ha! that camellia is in a very specific spot - on the east side of the house, in kind of an "alcove" set into the house, and behind a big stone pillar! So it's protected from the wind pretty much all the time, and only gets about 2-3 hours of sun in the morning, even during the heat of the summer. One of these days I'll find something that is better suited for the desert and stick it there instead, but until then, I like the red flowers in the winter!

      Thanks for the comment, and sorry for the long winded reply!


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