Sunday, February 24, 2013

More signs of spring!

I was going to post something about my new project, my idea for edging, or my battle against the burmuda grass, but instead I noticed something I wanted to document: The first of the almond blossoms are open!
This is an 'All-in-One' Almond tree
 I guess it's a little small to be properly called a "tree", but it has quite a few buds already:
It was planted when the backyard was redone
Sunset says that Almond trees are good in zones 8-10 and 12-16, but there are several almond groves nearby, so they do alright here in zone 11. They only need moderate water, which is better than most other fruit trees.
Almonds are closely related to peaches and nectarines, which are planted to either side of the almond tree on my slope. Those buds aren't open yet, but they are swelling up. If we get a late frost, that would not be good, which is part of the reason these don't do as well in zone 11 as they do in other zones.
This is 'Elberta' peach

buds are almost open!
 These are pretty enough to grow just for the blossoms. I noticed today that some of the first ornamental cherry trees in town are starting to bloom! Every day we get closer to spring.

I also found a new "helper" in the garden today - this cat has shown up before, but normally it runs away if it sees me. Today, it seemed very interested in my digging up weeds - maybe it wants to help?
I think it belongs to one of my neighbors, although it doesn't have a tag...


  1. Very nice...we usually start seeing trees flower by now. Not this year! A favorite aspect about blogs is to see others' gardens while mine isn't happening.

    1. That's one of my favorite parts too... although I usually end up wanting plants that don't want to live in the desert. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I'm sure your 'All-in-One' almond tree will be spectacular as it matures. Shortly after I moved into our current house, I discovered one of these tucked into a small shady spot in my own zone 23/24 garden - apparently the prior owner placed it there in a fit of zonal denial (and ignorance of its cultural requirements). I enjoyed its blooms my 1st spring here, then donated the tree to someone who could offer it a better chance of success. As I recall, it was wonderful in full bloom!

    1. Thanks for visiting! How nice of you to give that tree a better chance in a different zone.


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