Saturday, May 23, 2020

Poppies everywhere!

I know, i already did a post about the poppies... but a few weeks later, a follow up was needed! This was an amazing year for poppies in the back garden!

So many! This was in April
they look good from all directions

this spot on the steps became a favorite breakfast spot
In the afternoon they looked great backlit by the sun:
So orange!
They are mostly in the back corner, but working on taking over the whole DG area:
starting their march!

the whole corner
Now (mid May) they aren't looking their best... more brown than orange! I know i have to put up with the ugliness for a few weeks, so that the seeds get released for next year. I also have to remember to get some red poppy seeds for next year!

And now more weeding and repairing of gopher damage... sigh. See you next year poppies!


  1. You got a great display, Renee! Despite sowing seeds twice on my back slope, I got a very poor showing there this year - I think the plants were choked out my rampant alyssum flowers. The plugs I planted on our south side did only nominally better and I've already pulled the plants, which doesn't bode well for next year's display,

  2. A gorgeous display! Sometimes you don't mind when a plant seeks world domination.


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