Monday, January 28, 2013

another house plant, and clouds

In this case, Ficus elastica, or Rubber Plant, decided that making some new leaves for the new year was a good idea:
Aren't they shiny?
 I'm not sure what prompted the growth spurt, but I'm glad it happened. This plant lives near an east facing window next to the front door, and it makes a nice green accent when I first walk in.
More views of the leaves.
 After yesterday's lesson learned, I wanted to include of these pictures of the sky today, and late last night. We've been having cold and rainy weather, and the sky has been looking pretty cool. These are all slightly blurry cell phone pictures.
Clouds peeking over the top of the hills

Same view from further away
 You could actually see rainbows in some of the high altitude clouds, but they didn't show up in my pictures.

Here is what the sky looked like last night, at about 7pm. It was cold outside, but not raining yet.
The undersides of the clouds looked like they were glowing
I'm glad I was able to capture those images, even if my photography skills need some work!

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