Friday, January 4, 2013

Front Garden - Review

For today's picture, I went out early and took a picture of my front garden, like the ones I took earlier this year:

on 01/04/2013

For reference, here's what it looked like in the summer:

on 07/14/2012
And earlier in the spring:

on 04/27/2012 - not sure why this one is blurry...
It's pretty colorful in the spring, but it definitely needs more summer and winter interest. I've taken some steps for that - there's a few plants hiding under my neighbor's tree's leaves (some Coreopsis, if they survive the winter), and there's a hardy Lantana in the back, near the window. Some other changes I'm planning is removing at least that front-and-center Mexican Feather grass with something more interesting - at least a purple fountain grass, or maybe something more unique/interesting/local (any ideas?)

There's also a longer term project that will happen in the area with the cherry tree, which is pretty dark at this time of the year, that's the north side of the house. I'm planning a gravel garden with a dry stream bed and some agaves and optunias. I'm laying out the plans right now! There's no irrigation back there, so whatever I plant will have to live off the rain and my neighbor's lawn overspray.

Tomorrow I'm going for a hike - so I'll have some pictures of something other than my garden!


  1. Oh, a gravel garden! My last year's project! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with yours. I'm trying to think what else you can put in that space where the Mexican feather grass is that you want to take out. What is planted around it/near it that it will need to contrast with?

  2. Your garden does look beautiful! In all seasons...especially spring. I can see why you want something more in the other seasons though. My vote is for something evergreen...with a little height for a vertical element. Or a nice pot with a red yucca in it. Perhaps both would be pleasing...and add some height....and the color could be in the pot.....with evergreen red yucca....


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