Tuesday, January 22, 2013

evening views

Some better pictures today! As I was out for a run, I was struck by the way some of the bare trees looked against the sky.

Some were completely bare
 This one in particular had a very interesting shape, plus some green:

I love how curvy this tree is.
 On the way out, there was enough light to see some cool reflections on the river:
These were some of the few evergreen trees

On the way back, the sky started to change colors, but that only made the trees more dramatic-looking:

spooky.... (and a bit blurry, due to a cellphone camera)
I'll have to go back and take pictures again when the trees are leafed out - it must look very different!


  1. Pretty sky in the last one. I hope your cold weather is gone now. When you're not used to or prepared for that kind of cold it's so hard on everything.

    I hope most of your plants make it through okay.

    1. Most of our cold weather is gone now, but it seems to have moved on to everywhere else... I hope you guys are staying warm out there! Thanks for your comment :)


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