Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blooms for the New Year

Here is what is blooming in my gardens on the first day of the new year. I know it's not Bloom Day, but I wanted to start the year on a high note:

sweet alyssum, in the back pipe garden
 How do you know that a plant is not well suited for the desert? After spending all spring, summer and fall looking not all that great, the sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima) has completely perked up in the last few weeks, while everything else froze. And with no watering either! I'll have to remember this for next fall...

This is Senna artemisioides, also known as Feathery Cassia or Silver Cassia. One of the branches is starting to flower! I think that's early for this plant, but since it was just planted last year, I'm not sure. This is a drought tolerant, interesting-looking plant, native to Australia.

This one has grown a lot -it started from a small (1/2 gal?) size
 I'm not sure this next one counts as a flower, but my one winter crop that didn't get eaten by the bugs is making a broccoli head! I'm not sure I know when it's ready to eat, but I'm glad this one is working.
I wonder how it will taste...

The front garden doesn't have a lot of blooms, but the Camellia japonica near the front door has started to bloom! I'm glad I found something that will grow in this shady spot, and tolerate the summer heat. It seems to be doing OK with no water in the fall/winter, and a twice weekly watering week in the summer.
I like seeing the blooms right next to the front door
 And there is one sad bloom left on the roses on the north side of the house - I think it might be frozen:

Rosa 'Blaze' - apparently this species was introduced in 1932...
That side of the house gets very little direct sun during the winter... but I checked, and the cherry tree is once again already making buds! I've been planning a new garden bed over there, hopefully in the spring, once I find some time. I'm thinking a gravel garden... with the roses and cherry tree!

Happy New Year! May 2013 give you the garden you always wanted!


  1. I love the Senna artemisioides!!! It's gorgeous.

    1. Its one of my favorite plants in the garden! Especially in the winter. And it blooms until May! I know its not a native, but it has adapted really well to our climate. Thanks for commenting!


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