Saturday, January 26, 2013

winter color

After the pictures from a few days ago about the bad things winter did to my garden, I wanted to show some of the good things the cold weather has done too.

This iceplant has taken on purple colors under its leaf mulch
 The O. macrocentra has also turned even more purple:
All the spines are white too
This Agave schidigera (first seen here) has also been happy, even if it's been cold. The iceplant next to it wants to climb over it.
I may have to trim back the iceplant a lot in the spring, so it doesn't cover the agave...
 About all the leaves in the pictures - I usually leave all the leaves from my neighbors tree in the front garden flower beds until sometime in spring. I figure they help protect against the cold a bit, and if they break down, add organic material to the soil. Plus I'm lazy about cleaning them up :)

I also noticed the Camilla is still blooming, and it looks like someone has been enjoying the pollen:
These flowers are a bight spot right next to the front door.
I was very happy to see my garden in the daylight again!


  1. It's wonderful when we get to see our gardens in the light again!

    1. It always is good to see outside again! Thanks for your comment!


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