Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Plants in the Garden

Two days ago, the mailman (actually, Fedex) brought my birthday present. A big box of plants! Now that I've gotten around to planting them, here they are:

1) Brugmansia 'Charles Grimaldi' (Mature Picture)

This one isn't going in the ground yet, although it might be able to survive once it's a bit bigger. Sunset says it's zone 12 and 13, and I've had luck overwintering other plants from those zones in specific spots. For now, it's in a big container inside - once the winds die down a bit, it will go outside again. He looks a little bit sad in this picture but a new support plus a day in the sun already has him looking more upright. There's actually two stems, and a third little one.

2) Manettia cordifolia (Mature Picture)

 aka: Firecracker vine. This one isn't even in Sunset! It's a vine, up to 100 inches long. I'm not sure where it should go yet. I think it would look nice growing on the wall, if it can grab onto it, or with a trellis. For now, its in one of the pipes. I removed some plants that weren't growing, and added more well-draining potting mix for this one, and the Lantana. Once I see how this one grows (and what tries to eat it...) it will go somewhere else!

3) Tricyrtis laslocarpa (Mature Picture)

aka:Amethyst Toad Lily. This one is a part-shade, moisture lover, that I just had to ask for because of the flowers... (see mature picture link!) There is only one spot in my garden that meets its requirements - in the front garden, near the front door. There is spot that is all-day shade except in the morning, due to the stone column, and just the regular watering that bed gets plus the shade makes keep it cool and moist. There's two hostas keeping it company. I wonder if I'll see blooms this year? The little pellets on the soil are Sluggo - there is an issue with slugs (as seen in the hosta leaves) and I was worred they would go after the Toad Lily. So far (one day later), it looks all good!

4) Lantana camara 'Miss Huff' (Mature Picture)

Lantana is one of those plants that gets treated as an annual here - but I don't understand why? It works in zones 10, 12 and 13, so with a bit of protection it should survive... For now, this one is in the pipe with the Manettia cordifolia, but if it gets big and looks like it will survive, its going in the bed with the purple-leaved tree (Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'), along with two other Lantanas that are already there...

I can't wait to see how these all grow! They all came from Plant Delights (same place as the mature pictures links). Thanks Mom, Dad, Alan and Nigel!

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