Sunday, January 31, 2016

Orchids at the Huntington

I can't grow orchids well at all - the one I have at home puts out a new leaf every once in a while, but has never rebloomed. Here is some inspiration from the orchids at the Huntington (in the conservatory of course).

I think this is what mine would look like - if it ever made another flower

I love all the different flower shapes

the one little drop of water hanging from the flower!

the little pink part seemed like it was a full circle

All the colors!

I liked both the flower and foliage on this one!

this was one of my favorites - it looked like morse code!

the white parts of this one were back lit so they looked almost transparent!
Visits to the Huntington are good for weeks of inspiration! And if anyone has any good ideas for my orchid, please share!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lately on Gardening Turned Up to 11...

These days, i find myself posting on Instagram more often. Here are some of the latest pictures not from my own garden...

This is what the last week of January looks like #attheH @thehuntingtonlibrary #apricotblossom

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visiting the huntington...

#aloes blooming and #agave #attheH @thehuntingtonlibrary

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to recover from too much time doing this:

#lax from the air #herewegoagain

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be prepared for an avalanche of Huntington pictures on Instagram this week!