Saturday, September 22, 2012

Unknown Garden Visitor

I'm always very excited when some kind of wildlife visits my garden, even if it's likely to eat my plants. Like this guy:
The camouflage isn't working so well...
I have no idea what it is (a cricket? a grass hopper of some sort?) but it's so cool. It was sitting on my (what I think is)  Senecio cineraria. It's a dusty miller of some sort, and that seems the most likely candidate. It needs to be pruned/shaped - right now it has one main stem, that this guy was sitting on.

He didn't do any damage I could see....
It was still there a day later, sitting on the ground. I should do some research to find out what it is. Part of the reason I'm always excited to see bugs is that it tells me stuff is going OK with the garden. When I first started, there was nothing except maybe some ants - now there are all kinds of pollinators, praying mantis, and earth worms. Hopefully they'll eat all the spiders, ants, and pincer bugs!

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  1. Grasshopper, actually.

    Brown Winter Grasshopper (Amblytropidia mysteca)

    A very nice photo of an obviously healthy one too!


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