Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mr. Ripple - My Favorite Plant this Week & Foliage Follow-up

This post feels a little like cheating - Foliage Follow-up and my favorite plant for the week (and late for both!). But who can deny the attraction of "Mr. Ripple":
Mr. Ripple definitely believes he should be celebrated twice!
And I actually call this plant "Mr. Ripple" in my head every time I think about it (him). Mr. Ripple came to the garden about a year ago, when he was much smaller:
Agave "Mr Ripple" on 3/28/2013 - that's the same tube, for scale
He came from Plants Delights where they have the following info on this pretty agave:
Zone: 8a to 10b
Height: 60" tall
Culture: Sun
"This species, or possibly a natural Agave salmiana hybrid, is occasionally seen in Texas and California gardens...always unlabeled. Agave 'Mr. Ripple' makes a 5' tall x 8' wide, rapidly-growing clump with very undulating, broad, blue-green, soft-textured leaves"

Rapidly growing, and hardy through our winters (we got down to ~19 deg F this winter, so far, and you can see just a bit of yellowing near the tips of the leaves), but the real attraction is the leaves:
Undulating away... and those leaf imprints!
And teeth!
Mr. Ripple put on a lot of growth over the summer, and has been growing fairly upright
He's probably going to have to come out of the tube in the next few years, if this pace of growth keeps up. But for now, he's enjoying his time front and center on the stage!

Go visit Pam at Digging to see other great foliage, and see everyone's favorite plants (including flowers!) at Danger Garden. Thanks for providing all these great opportunities to discovery other people's gardens!


  1. "Undulating away..." you've just got to love a plant that you can say that about! Nice choice and I can't believe how much he's grown.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I both hope and fear that this growth rate will continue...


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