Sunday, March 16, 2014

Yuccas All Tied Up

I didn't include this picture in this month's Foliage Follow Up, but it was too good not to share... even though the Yuccas probably wished that I didn't:

Y. rostrata in front, Y. louisianensis (according to the tag) in the back
This is what happens when I spend the whole day digging Bermuda grass (evil!) out of the planting beds, and don't want to get poked as I'm doing it! They were released from their captivity shortly afterwards, unharmed...

I'm still waiting for my Y. rostrata to grow a trunk or something, mostly so I can cut some of the old leaves off. It's only 2 years old though, so I might have to wait a while. And the Y. louisianensis doesn't really look like all the descriptions online (it has wide leaves?) I may have to wait for it to bloom to have a better guess at an ID, if the tag isn't right. It's very pretty though, and has grown a lot in the two years its been planted in the back garden.


  1. I'm so amused to see this, because I've been weeding the gravel bed where my three Yuccas are, and I keep getting poked. I actually considered maybe doing something like this, but didn't actually do it. I figured I'd probably get just as poked and bloodied trying to tie it up. Was it hard to do? I might try it next time I have to weed or dig near them.

    1. it wasn't hard, although it was a bit unwieldy, mostly because I used floral wire, which I wouldn't recommend... It didn't work as well on the soft-leaf yucca in the front garden though - probably because it was too big. Thanks for visiting!


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