Sunday, January 31, 2016

Orchids at the Huntington

I can't grow orchids well at all - the one I have at home puts out a new leaf every once in a while, but has never rebloomed. Here is some inspiration from the orchids at the Huntington (in the conservatory of course).

I think this is what mine would look like - if it ever made another flower

I love all the different flower shapes

the one little drop of water hanging from the flower!

the little pink part seemed like it was a full circle

All the colors!

I liked both the flower and foliage on this one!

this was one of my favorites - it looked like morse code!

the white parts of this one were back lit so they looked almost transparent!
Visits to the Huntington are good for weeks of inspiration! And if anyone has any good ideas for my orchid, please share!


  1. Hello Renee, lovely orchid photos, would you like some help with your orchid? I have many, some are more than 10 years old and most of them flower at least once a year. They need to be re-potted every now and then, they need fertiliser and enough light but no direct sunshine and most important, don’t water too often. I water once a week most of the year and I often let it go 10 days between watering. I keep the orchids not in flower in my bedroom where it is a bit cooler, once they have got a flower spike and started to flower they are allowed into the living room where the stay until they are finished flowering. The cooler temperature sets off the flowering. Hope this helps!

  2. I enjoyed the photos and found the information you provided to be really useful.

  3. What Helene said, I would only add water with distilled water instead of California tap. It helps. Since they don't need all that much water, it isn't much of an expense. Mine in the bathroom live with the windows open most of the year so cooler nights in autumn stimulates a bloom spike.

    The conservatory must be unbearably hot this weekend. Wretched heat wave, grrrr. Your photos are wonderful.

  4. I have mixed results with orchids. Although I can keep Phalaenopsis going for awhile (a couple of years) in the light of my home office, even with my haphazard watering schedule, I usually fail them when it comes time to plant them up or divide them. I think Cymbidiums, which I can leave outside here, are somewhat easier.


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