Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hoya Kerrii - Favorite Plant

Danger Garden identified a shady combo of ferns and mahonia as her favorites for July - so i took a look at my favorite shade plant (of which i don't have very many!)

I have a hoya kerrii that lives in a pot, that i've had for years. It spends the summers hanging by my front door. This year, a mourning dove built a nest in it, and i left it alone the whole time the baby birds were in there. When they finally left the nest, the plant celebrated by promptly bursting into bloom:

funny looking flowers

yes, they will drip nectar all over my front patio

and the leaves

but they are cute, funny looking things!
This is the whole plant - it's in the shade for most of the day, minus a few hours in the morning. It does not like our full sun at all. 
it looks like some kind of weird sea creature with too many legs
Hoya kerrii gets to be my favorite plant right now, and hopefully no more birds will build nests in it!


  1. That's a pretty wonderful story, the nesting followed by blooming. It's a beautiful favorite!

  2. Hoyas always look like they were created by a waxwork museum to me but I like them!

  3. Weird but wonderful. Does it attract bees or hummingbirds?


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