Sunday, November 19, 2017

Productive Day!

My day may have started rather unproductively (sleeping in until noon!) but i ended up getting a lot done!

Here's the list from last time:
  • Fix pipe <-- Done! It ended up being very easy...
  • Trim acacias & uncover agaves in the front <-- Done! i did create an entire garbage can full of trimmings, but the little agaves can breath again
Still left to do:
  • Clean up the 'stone pond' bed in the front garden <-- i did clear out a bunch of grass and removed a bunch of gopher mounds, and cleared all the dirt out of the rocks. Now i just need to figure out what to do with this bed!
  • Trim up Palo Verde tree <-- No progress yet on the tree itself yet, but i did finally break down a giant branch that broke off a few months ago. To be honest, i'm a bit worried about pruning the tree!
  • Clean up right back patio bed <-- no progress yet!

I didn't take many pictures today, but here is what the acacia looked like before:

It's now about half that size. I'm not sure this one will stay long term, although i love the easy green it provides, with cute yellow flowers...

I also seem to have a new friend/permanent resident:

That's a bad picture, but there's a new, small, purple-headed hummingbird (looks like a male Costa?) that's decided my garden is it's home. Hummingbirds show up all the time, of course, but generally they don't really care much for humans getting near.  This one is happy to sit above my head on the patio, or in the branches of various bushes and let me get really close. He will also buzz me if i'm getting in his way. He's territorial in a strange way too - happy to share the feeder and some of the plants, but aerial battles ensue if another hummingbird tries to sit on his perch or drink from one particular aloe bloom. I'm hoping he'll stick around for the winter!

Next time, i'll try for better pictures! Hopefully renovating the beds will make for more exciting pictures than hacking my way through the bush!


  1. That's work! Proud to say I did hardly anything all weekend, yet again, but then again I'm still looking for a house so I can have a garden. I hope that hummingbird stays, too.

    1. Good luck finding a garden... I mean home!

  2. Congratulations on your progress! I've never seen a Costa hummingbird in person. My brother claims to have befriended hummingbirds who develop an acceptance of his presence. I've never been that lucky but I hope you will be.

    1. I hope so too! He seems to be putting up with all the human commotion alright so far...

  3. Productive day: good for you!

    If you have enough flowers, the hummer will never leave.

    1. That's an excellent way to think about it! More flowers!


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