Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wednesday Vignettes: Yellow is starting!

Design books sometimes talk about picking a color palette for your garden, to make it look better, more organized, etc. I'm definitely not good at any of that, but in the early spring, there is definitely a lot of yellow in my garden. Let's pretend that's on purpose?

Here are two yellows that always start the show in February:
Euphorbia rigida

also known as gopher plant. I assure you, it does nothing to deter gophers
 I have several acacias, but a. baileyana always starts blooming first
just starting in mid-Feb

it's amazing they're not more blurry in our wind...
Now waiting with baited breath to see what the Palo Verde does this year... After what happened to it, maybe expecting blooms is too much?


  1. I for one love yellow. I hope your Palo Verde comes through in the end, flowers this year are definitely expendable. I've tried to develop color themes in different areas of my garden but Mother Nature often takes things into her own hands.

    1. I mostly take credit for color combinations that nature comes up with, i'm afraid. I still have my fingers crossed for the Palo Verde... everything seems late blooming this year.

  2. I love your yellow flowers, Renee. The idea of picking palettes for the garden looks like a good idea. My friend's garden has more whites than other colors. In the middle of all the white, blossoms the beautiful cherry tomatoes. I have found it beautiful, I think your garden will be flowery yellow in a few months.

    1. Thank you! I like how my garden cycles through colors throughout the year.

  3. With my classes at a music institute in Coimbatore , have not been into fulltime gardening. Non of the blooms have been seen so far and that is my sad story. But, happy to see your blooms. It will come out really well. Will keep looking for updates from you. Take care.


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