Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cherry blossoms for Easter

My internet connection is down (again) but I wanted to get a post up for Easter and the gorgeous weekend. So here is my cherry tree, which still looks like a stick with leaves, but gave me over 2 pounds of cherries last year. I wonder how this year will go?

About 2 weeks ago

Last weekend

On the north side of the house... I think it helps protect it from the heat

against the blue sky
Happy Easter! I'm using my internet-less days to get more gardening done.


  1. So how are you blogging with no Internet connection?

    1. I learned during my January challenge that my smart phone data connection works just well enough to type a few sentences and hit "publish".... but it certainly doesn't work for writing good posts!

  2. Maybe I should do the same, so I can be less verbose and show less pics / take less time on my blog posts! (message to myself) I've never known anyone with a cherry tree who shares, but I don't blame them...

    1. I shared cherries (in the form of mini-pies) with my neighbors last year. It looks like an even bigger crop this year, which is pretty good for my "stick with leaves"... I'm not sure they'd survive the trip out to your neck of the woods though! Thanks for your comment!


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