Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Signs of Spring

You know, after saying I was going to post 4 times a week, I don't think that I actually have done so. This last break was partially self-imposed (work) and partially technical difficulties (Internet down, again!). But this past weekend I had the time to go on a "gardening binge", and get back out there. Spring really does seem like it's here.

One of the unique signs of spring being here are these: - the Joshua trees are blooming!

Joshua Tree in full flowering
To get Joshua trees to flower, there needs to be the right combination of water, cold and time. Apparently, this winter was the right combination:
These weren't quite open yet, but they were big

Flowers against the blue sky
 Joshua tree flowers are pollinated by a specific moth. I didn't see any of them on this day. The flowers only open at night. Depending on who you talk to, they either smell like nothing, melted wax, or really bad.

Flower detail
Flower details
In this picture, you can see some of the left over bloom stalks. The way Joshua trees grow their branches has to do with their flowers. Once a branch blooms, it splits in two (or more) and continues to grow, until it flowers again. This makes for very interesting tree shapes:
Looking up at the tree
There are trees blooming over the city. Yet another sign that Spring is finally here. I really hope it stays! 


  1. Oh yeah, #1 and #5 photos stunning in the mood.! I need to scam on our's here (planted, none wild!), usually starting by now. Back to my next post I'm now 18 hours late on...

  2. Those are so nice, I don't think I've seen the blooms close up to see how large they are.


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