Sunday, February 16, 2014

Foliage Follow Up - February 2014

This weekend didn't feel like spring (it was 80 degrees!) but it was the start of my spring clean up in the garden. It feels good to be back out playing in the dirt!

With the salvia's and Russian sages cut back, I noticed several signs of our earlier spring:

Rhubarb leafing out - this is year 3!
Year 3 on the rhubarb means I will probably try to cut some stems this year and eat them. Only one of the rhubarbs has popped up so far. The other, which tried to bloom last year, hasn't yet. I hope it's ok...
Sedum already growing
I'll have to remember to cut these back in the late May time frame (or earlier...) so they are not as floppy this year as last year. Speaking of future spring chores:
More agave pups...
I am not looking forward to digging that (unidentified) agave out and getting the pups off, but it's really starting to be time.

The optunias are starting to show signs of growth too:
Optunia macrocentra is making a ton of blossoms, as always

and it looks like Optunia basilaris might join it! Or are those pads?
The O. basilaris will be leaving it's temporary home in the pipe soon, to go on the back slope. Hopefully, it won't leave me with too many injuries when I move it.

I also noticed that several of my plants have put on a bit of growth. They stand out, especially with the normally large scrubs cut back:
This is Yucca louisianensis - about to enter it's 3rd year
Penstemon pseudospectababilis - I think. The plant tag is in there somewhere...
Artichoke plant
I was supposed to move that last one this spring- but it's already gotten big and put out a whole bunch new leaves. So I'm not sure whether I want to move it now. But it's definitely crowded in the back corner, and those leaves are so pretty, they deserve a better spot. It does seem happy though, so that's good!

If you go visit Pam at Digging, you can see everyone else's foliage contributions also! Thank you, Pam, for hosting this once again!


  1. My rhubarb is not as far along this year as it was at this time last year. In fact, nothing is doing as well. Love that artichoke foliage. My cardoons are back, almost a foot tall, but I realized yesterday my artichokes seem to have disappeared. I hope they aren't short-lived.

    1. I'm getting more worried about the other rhubarb - its still not showing any growth! I hope your artichokes wake up soon!

  2. You have lots of interesting foliage in your garden. I like the variety of Sedum you have there as well as the Agaves. I can't believe the size of the Artichoke plant. I have never actually seen one before! Enjoy your 80 degrees weather. It's in the 20's here!

    1. We definitely luck out in the temperature department, although we could use some rain... Thanks for your comment!

  3. I love artichoke foliage. That's one plant that definitely crosses over from edible to ornamental garden.

    1. I agree! Now I just need to move it to where it can be seen... Thanks for hosting Foliage follow up!


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