Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday in the Garden

Today, while cleaning up the last of the debris left over from cutting back all the scrubs, I noticed a couple of things to see...

one of my favorite combos in the garden right now
 This is Agave 'Little Shark' (also known as A. 'Royal Spine'), an Optunia microdasys that somehow miraculously survived the winter, and an unknown Optunia that I received in a plant swap with Loree at Danger Garden. They have all survived winter, and looked good doing it.

Speaking of optunias looking good:

O. macrocentra is busy making flower buds
This is going to be quite a show this year! I'm interested to see if this plant will grow taller this year. I'll probably have to prune some pads off if it doesn't.
red color & teeth imprints on Agave 'Mr. Ripple'
Mr. Ripple demanded that I show off his red marks on one of the old leaves. I'm going to leave him in his pipe for this year, I think, so I can enjoy the details some more.

I keep having to remind myself that its only February, and still winter, and that I shouldn't be planting things yet! And definitely not doing things like moving warm-weather plants like the agaves and friends. So for now, I'm trying to keep myself busy amending the soil on the hillside, for planting later. It was a nice way to spend a few hours in the garden on this beautiful Sunday!


  1. So glad to see that opuntia is going strong for you! The O. macrocentra you sent me are looking great too.

    1. I'm glad those are working out for you too! Based on today's pictures, I'm thinking this one might bloom this year! Thanks for visiting!


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