Saturday, April 9, 2016

Random Shots

Here are just some of the gazania rigens that are turning the hillside orange. I always have to smile when I see these for sale - these are self-sown. Although I'm always tempted by the pink-ish ones... maybe introducing some genetic diversity would be good?

the shading on this one is pretty

these are a pure yellow, no rays at all

in person, this one is a dark orange, fading to dark yellow

light and dark orange

this one is orange, no rays

here the stripes go almost to the edge, and look like brush stokes

this one is a very light yellow

I wonder if buying a few pink ones at the store will help get a greater color variety? Although I have to admit, the yellow/orange color scheme on the hill side in the spring is working out nicely:
Almost like it was planned that way!


  1. The hillside display looks great, Renee! I've developed a real fondness for Gazanias but recently decided that I have way too many gold ones, especially in the backyard, so I too am planning to diversify. I'm looking for more in the 'White Flame' series.

    1. They do so well here! Maybe I'll see if I can find some of the 'white flame' as well... It might add some new colors to the self seeded ones!

  2. Your hillside looks very pretty. I love gazanias. In fact I saw some for sale the other day but I already had something else in my cart and thought I'd better leave that for another day.

    1. Thank you! Hopefully those gazanias will still be there for you... But I'm sure what was already in your cart was beautiful too!

  3. I've thought they look hand-painted as well. The brightness of the color is unreal.

    Your slope looks wonderful.

    1. Given that one side of the hill is hot pink at the moment, my not-so-great camera has been having some fits... but at least the close ups let you see the details well!

      Thank you! The slope is making me so happy this year (never thought I'd say that!)


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