Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekend Gardening

Just some pictures from the garden this weekend... while i take a break from figuring out what to do with the tree I accidentally bought at the Huntington Plant Sale on Friday (oops!)

Our native Opuntia basilaris has started blooming

My new Trichocereus cactus has yellow flowers
 I bought it with buds on, but the fact that it matches the yarrow is pure coincidence...
the roses (i think this is 'Blaze') are blooming too 
 The oenothera speciosa is more white than pink because it's in the shade. I really shouldn't let it grow in the gravel path, but it's too pretty to pull right now...
the iris that's been weirdly happy on the slope is blooming again

the other side of the slope continues to be pink and orange

the first of the opuntia macrocentra blooms are starting to open

this is exciting - my first ever aloe bloom stalk!
 I think this is soap aloe (aloe maculata). I've tried to get pups from my parents' garden to grow for years, but we're right on the border of them being hardy... this one seems to be happy.
Also exciting - the first of the new roses bloomed!
This is a hybrid tea rose, Rosa 'Mr. Lincoln'. It's on the southside of the house, but in the shade of some other plants. The first bloom doesn't look like much yet, but i'm just glad it's not dead!

Now to get back to figure out what to do with my plant haul... I hope everyone has a productive (or lazy!) weekend in the garden!


  1. Hey no fair! You are supposed to tell us what you got at the Huntington sale! Did you get the Trichocereus there, too? It's beautiful. Your garden looks wonderful, and congratulations on the first Aloe flower stalk and new roses.

    1. The tirchocereus is from the orange big box store, of all places! The Huntington plants have made it into the ground, but first they have to survive before i take too many pictures of them... don't want to get attached yet!

  2. Beautiful vignettes but what i want to know: what tree did you accidentally buy??


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