Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Just some pictures

Earlier this week, I took a bunch of pictures of my garden as I was about to leave it for a few days again. I didn't want to post them all to Instagram, so I'm putting them here! This is my garden looks like on a random Tuesday in May:
Agave 'Crazy Horse' - love the stripes!

A. lophantha 'Quadricolor which usually hides under grass

Agave whichever 'Cream Spike'

The new kid on the block: A 'Snow Glow'

Still amazed these aloes grow and seem happy!

Purple and yellow!
The first of the daisies that reseeded everywhere

Hiding under the Palo Verde blooms

Green, silver and purple on the hillside
 Even though I'm a bit late, I'm linking to both Carol at May Dreams Garden for Bloom Day and Pam at Digging for Foliage Follow-up. There are way more gardens, blooms and foliage at both their blogs that I can look at while I'm away from mine!


  1. Beautiful! Your Agaves look very happy. They struggle somewhat here-probably because they have to spend half the year inside.

    1. Thanks Sue! Most agaves are happy outdoors here, although i do seem to keep finding pretty ones that aren't...

  2. Loving your agave selections, Renee! 'Crazy Horse' is a new one for me -- pretty! Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up.

    1. Thank you! I got 'crazy horse' from Plant Delights a few years ago - these are pups from that one.

  3. Great looking agaves, Renee - I'm envious of the 'Snow Glow', which I've yet to find for a price that doesn't make me gulp. I have Centaurea 'Silver Feather' blooming in my garden too!

    1. I finally broke down and ordered one... now i'm hoping it survives the winter! I love my centaureas - they do such a good job on the slope!


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