Sunday, May 7, 2017

Weekend Gardening - 5/7/2017

After several weekends away from the garden, I was finally able to do some more work this weekend. Here are some pictures of things that look mostly good the first weekend of May.

We'll start with the back garden, since that's where I spent most of the time, cleaning the patio and potting up some new plants.
The poppies are done, but now the sage is growing up.
I still have to pinch myself about the hill side. It still needs work, but it looks full!
The Dasylirion longissimum is blooming?
It doesn't seem big enough to bloom yet... Weird!
Always nice to see the cactus isn't dead!
Palo Verde starting to bloom!

More yucca bloom spikes!

This one too... It's going to get crowded in this corner.

Agave 'kissho kan' survived again!

Ground cover running amok!
That's Epilobium canum, bent on world domination. Kris at Late to The Garden Party shared some of her ground covers this week. I should follow her good example and clean this area up a bit!
C. 'little john' has started blooming!
The next few pictures are from the bed that I mostly redid earlier this spring. The plants are starting to grow in!
And so are all the red yucca seedlings.
New plants here!

Like many people, I was very interested in the new xMangave varieties that seemed to become available this year. I got several, and we'll see how they do. They are all in pots for right now.

The front garden is also starting to bloom. I need to send some time out there weeding, but two areas look good with no help from me...
Rosa 'Blaze' was original to the house, and blooming beautifully right now
Yucca and flower friends
I was so happy to be enjoying the garden this weekend! This is the one area of my life I enjoy a never-ending to do list.


  1. WOW! It really is looking fantastic, so much growth, blooms...happy plants.

    1. Thank you! happy plants and happy gardener too :)

  2. It looks as though your garden too is realizing the positive influence of our heavier-than-usual winter rains, Renee. Everything looks great! It's funny how different ground covers behave from zone to zone. I've had difficulty getting Epilobium to survive here, much less spread.

    1. The epilobium doesn't want to grow anywhere other than that particular planting bed... And yes, the rain has definitely helped! I'm hoping we might also keep this cooler weather for a while.

  3. Looking good, including your slope filling in. What kind of Palo Verde do you have?

    1. Thanks David! That's a 'desert museum', and I've been thinking about cutting off the lower branch to limb it up a bit. What do you think?

    2. I couldn't tell, but makes sense - Desert Museum PVs do well here! Yes, I would slowly limb it up and especially take out crossing branches and those too low. Probably prune no more than 10% now with summer ahead, then prune up to another 10% Labor Day-ish?

    3. Thank you! i may do a blog post asking for advice on pruning this one - the lowest branch needs to go, but it's more than 10% of the tree at this point... (plus i'm always scared to prune because i think i will kill it! :) )


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