Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Something Different - Wednesday Vignettes From Above

I spend a lot of time on airplanes (for work). Usually, these trips happen at night, and i'm either sleeping, or watching some horrible movie. Or falling asleep while watching some horrible movie. During the day, with that annoying in flight wifi, i'm usually working. But earlier this year, i had a flight during the day, with no work, and a window seat. Here are some views of Nature at 35,000 ft.

I have no idea where this is?
We were flying from the East Coast to LAX, and this is looking south.

it was a late afternoon flight, so the shadows made the terrain jump out

pretty much no signs of humans

or water, for that matter

after a while, it started getting a little hazy. 
then there was snow!

These pictures are in flight order (so heading more west as we go through the post).
more snow

a river! (which one?)

snow, and more haze. 
Sometimes it worth looking out the window! And while i understand there are lot of downsides to modern air travel, i'd much rather fly over all that than go by covered wagon... Which is a good thing to keep in mind when my next flight is delayed by another 3 hours.


  1. Great photos! All co-pilots should be required to describe the scenery below when it's visible. I love airplane window seats myself. When we moved into our current house and I saw the night view from the backyard, my first thought was that it looked just like the scene from a plane as you approach a major city at night.

    1. Seeing LA at night on final approach to LAX is one of my favorite things... because it means i'm almost home. You have the best view!

  2. Ah, wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them. We certainly do live in a big, wide open country, don't we? I'm always amazed that there are so many areas so inhospitable to people.

    1. It is amazing all the space and different environments that are in this country. It's good to be reminded that there's so much unique nature to visit.

  3. Sweet pictures. A treat to see so much open space. While flying is not on my list of favorite things, you're right, it sure does beat traveling by covered wagon!

    1. I often try to remind myself of that while my flight is delayed, etc... At least i haven't died of dysentery! And seeing all that open space is very inspiring!


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