Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Desert in December - 1 / 3

In late December, with family visiting, we drove all around the Mojave  desert area. In three days, we saw three completely different views of "the desert" in december. For fun (and because i can only share so many pictures of piles of trimmings...) I'm sharing some pictures from all three days.

The first visit was out near Victorville. If you wonder why we visited Victorville, it's because we went to go look at a parking lot:

specifically, one of the storage facilities of recalled diesel Volkswagens
there are also some airplanes:
mostly in storage, and hard to see. You can't really get closer
As the pictures show, it was a blue sky, light overcast kind of day. It was about 70 degrees F.
the desert - brown, blue, mountains, and joshua trees
Once we were done looking at parking lots, we visited a bottle tree farm. One of those random, only the Western US, middle of nowhere-ish kind of places.
it was actually very cool!

the clear desert sun light really made everything sparkle!

one person did a lot of this work - both the bottles and the metal sculptures
Perhaps this video gives a little better idea of how cool and eerie this place is:

the legacy of aerospace being a major area employer
december in the desert!


  1. I couldn't get the video to play but that bottle tree farm is certainly interesting. Was the creator present?

    1. The creator was not there (or at least, they didn't show themselves...). It was super interesting though! And i'll go figure out how to make that video work...

  2. I want to know more about that bottle tree farm, how cool!!! (and like Kris I couldn't get the video to play)

    1. Sorry about the video! The Bottle tree farm is the Elmer's bottle tree ranch that Denise linked below. It was such a unique find!

  3. This has gotta be the same bottle farm -- how many can there be? Great find!

    1. That's it! It was so interesting to visit... i can't imagine the work that's gone into it!


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