Saturday, January 25, 2020

6 on Saturday: looking back at Joshua Trees in the snow

After the late December snow, i stopped by the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve for some unusual views! The snow did two things: put the Joshua trees in some odd company, and make the dry stream beds be actual streams. It was cool to see the park in such a strange setting.


this was the day after the snow - the melt patterns were interesting

more water

lots of animal tracks

the green really popped

no snow on the joshua trees anymore - but plenty left on the ground
By 1 January, all the snow was gone, and even the mud had dried again. Its amazing how quickly the moisture gets sucked into the ground. I'll be looking back at these pictures in the summer for sure!


  1. Unusual images to be sure! I can only imagine how the local wildlife reacted to all that snow. I expect the run off was much less with frozen moisture and wonder if that'll have an impact on plant growth in the coming spring and summer months.

    1. We'll see! It should be an interesting year, since we got snow twice in late 2019. So far, the poppies seem to like it!

  2. Odd to see the desert with snow. Bet the desert will bloom well this spring.

  3. My kind of natural place! With periodic storm water in the arroyos or washes, there' s nothing better.

    1. This is one of my favorite parks - they do the bare minimum to make it walkable and facilitate access (and keep people out of the natural areas) and the rest is pure desert. And it's randomly in a neighborhood too, so it's quiet. Definitely a great spot.


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