Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Wednesday Vignette: Happy Place

It's Wednesday. I'm stuck at an airport. I'm not sure what American Airlines' 2020 resolution was, but "suck less" was apparently not it. To distract myself, I dug through my pictures of my last visit to my happiest place on earth: the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. Perhaps your Wednesday needs a pick-me-up too? Let the pretty pictures of texture and green distract us/me!

i feel the stress go away

there are always gorgeous flowers

and leaves of all colors and textures

spanish moss

a fake leaf! (they were setting up for a light show)

what my pond would look like if i had infinite money

silvery leaves

i like that their plants aren't too perfect

mysterious mist (also part of the show)

perfect combos

baby pomegranate?

all the plants growing on plants

ending with flowers
Happy wishes for your Wednesday!


  1. Definitely a happy place to be. Hopefully you didn't have to wait much longer at the airport.

    1. airports are strange - time has no meaning... But we got to where we were going!

  2. Gorgeous! I haven't been there in decades now. My WV features a sweet nesting hummingbird.

    I hope AA got you on your way without too much of a delay.

    1. I'm trying to see if my hummingbirds are coming back to nest!


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