Saturday, February 29, 2020

Telling you about my houseplants...

A few weeks ago, Loree at Danger Garden asked people to tell about their houseplants, and showed hers! It took me a while, but here are all of mine. I have, as it turns out, a lot? I've always had a lot of houseplants... for a long time, i didn't have a garden, and indoor plants is how i gardened. Now, i have the garden, and a lot of indoor plants. So it's the best of both. If "best" means more plants, which of course it does.

Let's start near the patio door, and go clockwise around the house. I'll warn you - I'm not all that good at taking pictures indoors... But i think i got most of the plants!
this combination of cacti and a few vining plants live to the right of the patio door
I should also note that i'm not very good at watering - everything that survives inside has to learn to do with watering every 2 weeks or so.
a big monstera, a draceana i rescued from work, and a pathos vine
The kitchen is to the right of the area we were just in. There's actually an orchid in between that i missed taking a picture of... The kitchen may be getting remodeled soon, and plant needs will be considered!
more cacti. They jump in my cart in stores

artfully cropped out the dishes! These plants can see their big siblings outside all year 
3rd kitchen window - more cacti and a giant jade plant
That Jade plant is going to have to move... or i need more counter space. (notes for kitchen remodel...)

Now we're in the dining room. Some people have centerpieces. I have plants:
a non-blooming christmas cactus, an "ikea plant" and a pilea

more christmas cacti (they are different colors!) and some cuttings
Now we're in the living room. Before we go around, here's the view back to the stairs:
aloes and hoyas
The aloes stay there year round. The hoyas (circled in green) go outside in the summer, or as soon as the temperatures at night stay above 50 deg F. 

Continuing around the living room - there's a weird open spot near the front window. That's where the Christmas tree was. We're still trying to decide whether the furniture moves back, or if there's more room for plants. 
these three are to the left of the window. 
That large pot is a pathos vine. It's probably dead, but it keeps putting out one leaf... and i have a problem with giving up!

Next are these (and yes, those are my fling pots!)
although with some new plants in 2 cases

almost forgot these two - the ficus is mad because i moved it a few weeks ago.  
Not quite done yet! Looking back at the living room, there are two more groups of plants:
two zz plants here

and two rubber plants (one variegated, one not) here
Now we're on to the office. This room was sadly lacking in plants up to a few weeks ago. Then this baby showed up:
a monstera (either obliqua and/or adansonii)
It came from Lowes, with the pot! Which ever one it is, it was a steal, considering. 

Outside of the office is the TV room. It has more plants:
this sansevieria probably doesn't get enough light
another zz plant, and an sansevieria cylindrica
There is another s. cylindrica i didn't get a picture of, mostly because it's very sad. It's below these two:
a begonia? that really needs a new pot, and another M. adansonii
almost around:
another sansevieria, and a lamp (not a plant, sadly)
This next plant has a story - it was given to me by a neighbor years ago, when he and his girlfriend broke up, they were moving, and she didn't want it anymore. I don't know how old it is, but i've probably had it for 10 years? It's the source plant for all the other zz plants i have: 
zz plant. It needs to be rotated again so it grows evenly
Now there is one more area to look at! I thought i had already posted about this on the blog, but i guess not. A few years ago, we remodeled the master bathroom. One goal was to increase the amount of light in the room. The combination of lots of light and more humidity than the rest of the house means that (of course?) the bathroom is filled with plants! This is the far side of our walk in shower:
so many plants! It's like a spa
Some of the plants in that picture: a nepenthes (bottom right), another monstera, a fiddle leaf fig, a yucca (weird, but it's one of the few plants that does well close to that window), a superlong senecio radicans, and a bunch of other stuff. Outside the shower, there are two other plants:
a spider plant next to the sink

a fatsia (i think)
That plant has been a trial and error - it's further away from the window than most plants want to live (the yucca was very unhappy) but the combination of a shade-happy plant and a bit of extra height seems to be doing the trick.

Phew - we made it all the way around! There are few odd and ends that i didn't get a picture of, but i think i captured most of my indoor plants. I would love to promise that i won't get more, but that would be a lie. I like my indoor plants just as much as the garden, so i'm sure they'll keep multiplying... just like they do outside! Do you keep houseplants?


  1. Monstera leaves are so cool. You have a great collection, and they all look pretty darn good. A shower with plants would be a delight. Like being under a waterfall in a tropical rainforest.

    The plan was to hang some tillandsias from the ceiling in our shower, but one more thing I haven't gotten around to. My houseplants are pretty sad. Many of them end up outdoors where they are much happier.

    1. I may have made sure the master bathroom was remodeled with enough room for plants... Tillandsias are a great idea! I've tried to put my plants outside - the wind usually tears them apart. Other than the hoyas, everyone prefers inside...

  2. You DO have a lot of houseplants! I love the Monsteras and that's the best looking ZZ plant I've ever seen, bar none. I got rid of a lot of my own houseplants during our remodel - I think I may have fewer than 10 now - but I've been seriously considering a Monstera or two. I'd love to add more to the master bathroom but I think my husband would have a fit. Some things I previously kept as houseplants, like Rex begonias and orchids, now occupy my shade house.

    1. Thank you! Your shade house has so many cool treasures in it!

  3. Wow! That's quite the collection. I love the first photo the way the pots are grouped both inside and out, next to the window. It reminds me of those super fancy houses where the swimming pool flows under a wall to be indoor/outdoor. Also to have a shower like that would be amazing!

    1. Thank you! I like all my plants, and i will admit that my shower is one of my favorite things.


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