Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekly Front Garden - 05/25/2012

This week, the weather turned a little strange for Zone 11 at this time of year...

It was windy! See the S. tenuissima? Oh wait, crazy wind is normal for here, no matter what time of year... The strange part of the weather is better shown here:

Which also shows the cherry tree at full height for a change. Poor tree always gets cut off in the picture. But see those strange dark things in the sky? We don't normally get those in the near-desert, in the last weekend in May. Even though it did get a little cold, the clouds only teased though, because we didn't get any rain. Just wind. Which is too bad, because we could use the rain (as always...)

All the red ice plant is done flowering now (well, mostly). So now I have a lot of deadheading to do, and maybe they'll bloom again later in the year. As this bed calms down some, the bed next to it is starting to bloom. The right side is just visible in the weekly picture - it has two butterfly bushes in it (Buddleja davidii 'Black Knight') and they are starting to smell so good...

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