Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weekly Front Garden 06/16/2012

Now we're in the middle of June:

See that white flower on the left? It's one of the lily blooms - blooming for the first time ever! And this one is not deformed like the last blossom was... It is plain white though, but the fragance is very strong! The roses still need to be deadheaded (on the list for this weekend!)

Also blooming for the first time since they've been planted are the blue plants in the center (near the clematis trellis). I think they're Gladiolus. Last year, they just made leaves and some flowers that were shriveled up before they even bloomed. This year, at least 1 is blooming, but when I tried to take a picture of it later in the day, something had knocked it over! Probably the curtain getting blown around by the wind. But another one is developing a bloom spike, so I'll try to take a picture of that one!

Staying away for a week and watering the grass more doesn't seem to be doing anything to make it look better. I think one spot is due to a neighborhood dog, but I'm not sure why that one spot in the center is turning brown. Grass is so much work!

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