Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekly Front Garden 06/08/2012

The wind continues....
The front garden on 06/08/2012

I'm not sure why the Mexican Feather grass clump in the middle of the bed decided to grow back in that strange shape. I think it will get dug up and divided in the fall.

I took this picture a little bit later in the day, which put a lot of the bed in the shade already. The mexican evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa) is still going strong. The little vertical plant next to it is a sun flower (I think!) It grew up between the daffodils, which kept a lot of the bugs from eating it! I'm not sure how big its going to get yet, and its certainly no where near as big as the sunflowers in the back garden pipes, but i am excited that it popped up! The seedpods in the center of the picture is from the one blue fescue I didn't pull the seed stalks from. I like how it kind of echos the shape of the feather grass, but I don't like how the tan color detracts from the blue grasses. I do intend to dig that one and one right next to it up this fall and divide them. I should figure out where the divisions will go!

The lawn grass is starting to go yellow-ish already! I water it for 5 minutes daily, but I'll try an experiment and increase that to 5 minutes twice a day for a week, and see what it looks like next week.

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