Thursday, January 24, 2013


I know succulents don't really need (or even like) terrariums...
the giant lantern is from ikea

and goodness know I don't need any more house plants....

close up of the plant - also from ikea
but isn't this little succulent super cute in it's giant lantern/terrarium?
matching colors to a stuffed star in the background.
It's adding a ton of color to my fairly neutral living room (which is not in the pictures above...) And the lantern makes a pretty crappy terranium, so I'm not worried about the air being too humid or anything.


  1. I love your little terrarium! I want one!

    1. Thanks for your comment! If there's an ikea near you, that's where I got mine... I noticed today that Target has some too, in a little bit different style. I hope you find one!

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  3. The lantern looks really nice. I'm completely envious that you can shop at Ikea. I love it there, but the closest store to us is eight hours away. I'm enjoying your photos of plants we don't see here in northern Maine. Keep posting, and thanks for the opportunity to visit!


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