Sunday, January 20, 2013

visiting a garden

On travel again this week, but a combination of an early (and on time!) flight, and a nice day meant I actually got to see something outside. I took some pictures with my phone for today's picture, and I'll probably see if any of the rest, taken with my regular camera, are any good later in the week.

A pine tree in the courtyard

There wasn't a lot of color, so these berries really stood out

I hope my Whale's Tongue Agave grows to be this big!

Although I hope my Optunias stay slightly smaller than this one!
 I saw this garden in the middle of winter - I'll have to go back and see it later in the spring again!


  1. Middle of the winter is one of the best times. Nice scenes, and what wild-looking pine...nice and unique form!

    1. I guess that's true. As I'm spending some more time here, I can see the unique look that bare trees have against the sky. Thanks for your comment!


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