Thursday, January 17, 2013


Something dangerous is growing in my house:

yes, I've been playing with the photo editing software again...
 This little collection of succulents brightened my day today. I got them about a month ago at IKEA, of all places.
the poor things don't even have actual containers yet
One of these days, I want to be outside in daylight and take pictures again. I've actually "scouted" a location with some interesting plants, that I'm going to try and photograph soon. This challenge has been making me think and notice interesting plants out there (and in my house!)


  1. I completely understand the scouting, I did that a lot last month when I was doing the Photo Challenge. You notice so much more when you are trying to find good photo opportunities.

    1. Absolutely true! I've found that finding time to actually take the pictures is important too... I keep thinking "oh, I really should take a picture of that". Thanks for your comment!


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