Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Front Yard Filled with Spikes

purple, red and blue
The front garden has been taken over by bloom spikes. Above is red yucca and Calandrinia grandiflora. The Caladrinia is not supposed to be hardy here, but try telling it that. It's busy trying to take over the entire flower bed.
looking back to the street, with the soft leaf yucca behind it
 These plants will bloom all the way to fall. They nearly died back in the winter, but started growing and blooming in early fall. The flowers only last a day each, so they don't make very good cut flowers, but they are pretty in the garden. I might want to think about whether there is such as thing as too many spikes though!
purple against a different blue


  1. I was searching for some small pots of Calandrinia grandiflora just today. I had a mass of it at my former house and I miss it. I've heard its name has changed to Cistanthe grandiflora but it seems that most everyone still calls it Calandrinia. Who can keep up with all the name changes?

    1. I certainly can't! Thanks for visiting. I hope you found some new Cistanthe/Caladrinia grandiflora!


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