Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lantana Survival!

It lives!
For the last few years, Lantana has been one of those plants that always seems like a good idea. It loves the heat, doesn't need a lot of water, and lots of other people in other places grow it and it looks great. And then winter comes, and it all dies. One year, I even had one that was labeled as "hardy" die on me. So when I bought Lantana camara 'Star Landing' last year, it was going to be for one last try. Our winter got really cold, and it looked like it died. I was ready to pull it out when nothing happened by early April. But on 4/13/14, I noticed the growth in the picture above! It came back! And as of 5/25, it was even blooming:
Blooming in the front garden on 5/25
 Amazingly enough, when taking the picture, i also noticed new growth on a "normal" Lantana. It's more than a month behind, and we'll see if it ever catches up. But now I'm kind of excited! I wonder if they could survive on the hill side...
tiny new growth on Lantana NOID. Hopefully it will catch up!

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  1. Lantana does beg excellent drainage and wants its ugly stems left all winter. Mine are all on slopes. If you can get any at all to survive, they root so very easily.


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