Saturday, March 9, 2019

Also, Also the Desert in December? - 3 / 3

And here is the last day trip in the desert in december. It also includes a lake, but i'll try to not end on quite as much of a depressing note as last time...

Now, the lake in question is Jackson Lake. And if you look that up, you might notice that this isn't truly in the desert, but rather in the mountains that surround it, specifically the San Gabriel Mountain range. But it's only about an 45-60 minute drive from the desert. On this day in December, it was about 30 degrees F.

and there was snow!
And water in the lake!
which was mostly frozen
The trees in the area aren't the large live oak that live in the lower parts
also, the sky was a lot more overcast
Several stumps had been left to rot, and positioned so you could look at what was happening inside
large tree!
Most of this is normal winter. However, this area has been hit in the drought as well, and with fires nearby. This lake hasn't burned though.
hiking trails

green trees!

pretty views, even if it was cold!

a little bit of that clear blue sky
It was fun to see all the variety of environments near home, and how different they all are. There are several more places on my list to visit soon, assuming the garden doesn't distract me!


  1. The range of environments in SoCal within a driveable distance is always amazing - as is snow! The man-made lake in my local botanic garden, which they stopped filling due to the drought, actually has water at the moment. Restoration of the lake is planned but I suspect it's going to be years yet before that plan becomes real.

    1. Oh, i hope they do find a way to do that! Sometimes, when man made lakes are done really well, they can add so much... I really need to visit your local botanical garden one of these days!


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