Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Plants in the Shower!

After watching Hoover Boo at Piece of Eden finish her "non-garden project" I realized i had never shared one of the more exciting indoor gardening projects I finished last year. After a leaking pipe in the wall necessitated a major master bathroom remodel (as well as other things, the joy of remodeling...), our master bath suddenly had way more light. And you know what that means - more plants! Especially plants i can't grow outside here, because they need lots of water/humidity/have large leaves, etc etc.

This is now the view across from the actual shower:

The shower colors are mostly white and blue-ish, so that's what made the pot colors work. Some of these plants were already living in the house, just not in places that made them very happy.

that fig grew 4 new leaves in about a month after it got moved in here

Initially, all the pots had saucers, but that actually let to too much water (not a problem i'm very familiar with!) so now all the pots drain. The nice part of them being in the large shower enclosure is that watering and draining becomes very easy.
including for little ones like this
My houseplants usually never look this happy!
after some complains about getting dirt everywhere, i did learn to put some rock mulch on top
Even outside of the shower enclosure, there's now enough light for more plants!
by the sink!
and even a yucca!
This remodel took a while, but in the end, it's all worth it for this gardener... more plants! Oh, and no more leaking pipes in the wall, that was good too :)


  1. Oh My! They do look happy, but my husband would complain very loudly if I did that. Personally, though, I'd love to share my shower with plants.

    1. Ha, i suppose that is true! No complaints here, although i suppose it means the bedroom has fewer plants in it...

  2. How wonderful! Like Alison I'm not sure I could get away with this level of plantiness, but I'd like to try.

    1. But you have your basement full of plants!

  3. I love it but, like Alison and Loree, I know my spouse would be "displeased" (a mild word for the reaction I could reasonably expect).

    1. Perhaps in a guest bathroom? In my case, the guest bathroom has no plants (so sad!) so people aren't shocked by my plant-ish decorating tendencies!


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